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A septic tank is part of an intricate septic system. Often made of fiberglass, plastic, or concrete, it is an underground container that is needed for sewage treatment. This septic system is an onsite system that reduces waste into organics. These types of systems are most often used in areas where the home is not connected to the main sewer system.

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Septic tank components

A septic tank has several components.

  • There is an inlet, which is a pipe from the house to the septic tank
  • The pipe has a baffle, to block waste from backing into the pipe
  • A distribution box separates the waste into different locations
  • A filter helps to keep solids from getting into places they shouldn’t
  • A perforated pipe drains the liquid waste once it’s broken down

There are various layers of waste inside the tank that break down on their own or are treated, then removed from the tank.

The process of wastewater treatment in a septic tank

The wastewater from your home enters the septic tank system. Once there, it separates the waste into different layers. Solid waste sinks to the bottom, fatty matter floats on the top, and the liquid matter passes through a filter.

Some particles break down due to naturally occurring bacteria and become part of the liquid waste. The liquid is moved out and into a gravel drainage system just below the septic system, which is how a septic tank works.

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Importance of proper maintenance and cleaning

It is necessary to keep your septic tank cleaned and maintained. While the septic system works well to break down waste, there is a risk that it will get blocked up.

If the system gets clogged and fails, it can start to leak which would cause a lot of pollution and damage. It’s important to have a professional pump out your septic tank every few years.

Signs of septic tank problems

If your septic system is in failure, there will be some very obvious signs.

  • Bad odour
  • Water backing up
  • Drains not draining
  • Gurgling pipes
  • Water pooling

If left too long, you may need to replace your septic tank, various components of it, or the better part of the entire system. Save time and money by taking care of your septic tank.

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Troubleshooting common septic tank issues

Most of the common problems with septic tanks you will not be able to fix yourself. If you see any of the

above issues, call your septic tank professionals to check it out for you.

When to call a professional

When it comes to septic system failure, you should always consider calling in the professionals. As soon as you think there is a problem, call us here at Landworks Excavating.

Your septic system needs to be taken care of, and that means regular cleaning, dumping, and other maintenance. Don’t take chances with your septic tank. If you see anything that seems unusual, call us at Landworks Excavating.

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