The Landworks Excavating team has an incredible appreciation for trees and all that they do to help our ecosystem. We also, however, have a good understanding of the risks that improperly maintained trees pose to homes, vehicles, businesses, or government buildings. Most instances involving damage due to falling trees can be avoided through simple maintenance or removal procedures, and it’s important to proactively deal with trees that are in need of attention. Landworks Excavation provides expert residential and commercial tree removal services to residents throughout the Ottawa region and surrounding areas. Our services include:

  • Arborist Consultations
  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Land Clearing Services
  • Trimming and Pruning
  • Stump Grinding
  • Hedge Trimming

Signs That It’s Time to Remove a Tree

For lack of better description, trees are the gatekeepers of life. Oxygen creation, world restoration, and property decoration are just a few of the benefits that accompany them. As incredibly as they are, there are a few tell-tale signs that will let you know attention is needed, including:

  • Excessive cracking in the tree trunk
  • Fungi (like mushrooms) growing in and around the trunk
  • Dead branches hanging in the canopy
  • Turned up (heaving) soil can be found at the base of the tree

If any (or all) of these can be seen, it’s important to call the Landworks Excavating team to ensure that disaster is avoided.

Why Choose Professional Tree Services?

When not properly maintained and serviced, trees pose major threats to individuals, buildings, and properties. Due to their size, trying to independently manage trees can be just a dangerous endeavour. By law, it’s required that certain safety measures are in place for tree removal, and although it seems as simple as a few cuts, there is a reason why tree experts must complete schooling and obtain specific certifications. To ensure that you and your belongings are kept safe, it’s important to seek the support of professional tree service professionals.

Ottawa Land Clearing Services

In addition to simple tree removal, our team also offers comprehensive land clearing services. Whether you’re looking to prepare land for development or clear a lot for other purposes, we provide the following solutions:

Path Clearing

Regardless of your property size, our team can build natural-looking paths that maintain the integrity and beauty of the land. Our process involves tree removal, stump grinding, root removal, pruning, and trimming, only as necessary.

Land Clearing of Treed Lots

If you’re looking to clear a lot for building or large-scale development, our land clearing services will take care of your needs. Our effective and affordable process involves finding the best building location, clearing a driveway path, removing trees and roots, and leveling the soil.

Municipal Cleanup

Whether for a park build, new development, or sporting facility, our tree removal, and land clearing services will provide the solutions to any and all municipal cleanup requirements.

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Landworks Excavating is a trusted service provider with experience in tree removal and land clearing. To learn more about our professional services, or to obtain a project quote, contact our team today!