When you need professional trench digging services for utilities – including water and hydro – look no further than the Landworks Excavation team. Our trenching experts specialize in the prepping and installation of underground water lines, electrical hookups and tie-ins, and drainage systems. With experience in the underground trenching space, you can trust that the service you’re receiving will stand the test of time.

We achieve superior results by combining a high-quality trenching machine with operator expertise, allowing for an affordable, reliable underground trenching process.

Underground Utility Trenching and Installation

NThe needs and requirements of each project are unique, that’s why our team offers extensive underground trenching services. Rest assured that the work you need will be successfully completed, including:

  • Underground water piping
  • Drainage system design and installation
  • Underground utility exposure
  • Underground electrical installations
  • Underground gas line trenching
  • Drainage system repairs

In addition to simple trench digging and maintenance, there are a series of regulations that must be considered and followed throughout the process. The Landworks Excavation team takes this responsibility seriously, ensuring that your project will always meet provincial and local government regulations. Prior to beginning any project, we’ll do a formal analysis of the scope of work and special considerations, allowing us to assess the project and provide accurate time and cost estimates.

Why Choose Landworks Excavating For Your Utility or Trenching Project

Landworks Excavation has been providing business across Ottawa and surrounding areas, and we’ve built a reputation for providing high-quality, affordable trenching solutions. Our team focuses on maintaining a safe and clean working environment, ensuring that no unnecessary headaches arise throughout the trenching process. In addition to that, we will work closely with you to ensure that the project is moving along exactly as required, maintaining your target cost and time totals. Combining industry-leading equipment and expert trenching contractors allows us to meet all of your trenching requirements without leaving any unwanted end results.

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Landworks Excavating is a trusted hydro and irrigation trenching service provider in the construction space. Focused on providing affordable, reliable solutions to businesses throughout Ottawa and surrounding areas, we’ve built a reputation of being a reliable source for all-things trenching. Regardless of the project size or timeline, you can trust our team to build a reliable trenching system that far exceeds your expectations but remains firmly within your budget. To learn more about our trenching services, or to obtain a project quote, contact our team today!